Agriculture Fabric

Agri fabric for Agriculture & Crop protection

Made from 100% PP spunbond fabric. The fabric has specialized UV absorbent incorporated in it which ensures protection against the sun’s rays. The fabric has uniform water permeability. Available in 17-18 gsm in roll and consumer pack Width – 1.6 mtrs max. UV or without UV, Consumer pack size – 5’x 12’, 10’x 12’ or client specific


Anti-weed Fabric

50 gsm black fabric. It prevents weed and retain moistures in flowerbeds. Available in Mini Rolls & Consumer Packs. Max Width – 1.6 mtr.


Agri fabric for Banana Crop Protection

It provides growth of clean and spotless banana and is an established product used by all leading banana growers all over the world. gsm – 10 gsm onwards Fully UV protected
Size – In tubular form ( opened from both end)- 0.8 mtr. dia x 1.5/1.0 mtr. Can be offered in roll form also.


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